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Crunching the Numbers: Wine Edition

Crunching the Numbers: Wine Edition

Whether you’re a mathematician that loves wine, someone searching for figures to impress your friends at a tasting, or just looking to bulk up on general wine knowledge, the following numbers will give you some further insight into this amazing beverage.



The average number of calories found in a 5-ounce glass of wine.


The number of standard-sized bottles produced from a 60-gallon wine barrel. It’s also the equivalent to 25 cases of wine.


The current number of known Vitis Vinifera grape varieties used to make wine in the world. If you’re looking for a fun challenge, try to taste as many as possible!


The approximate age in years of the oldest bottle of wine in the world - the Speyer wine bottle discovered inside an ancient Roman tomb in Germany. This bottle has yet to be opened and still contains wine (though it probably wouldn’t taste very pleasant). If you’re ever in Germany’s Rhineland-Pfalz region, stop by the Historisches Museum der Pfalz to view the bottle firsthand.


The number of liters of wine found in the world’s largest wine bottle. Measuring over 13 feet tall and almost 4 feet in diameter, the bottle was produced in Lyssach, Switzerland by André Vogel in October of 2014.


The elevation above sea level in feet of Donald Hess’s Altura Máxima vineyard in Salta, Argentina - one of the highest in the world.


The cost in U.S. dollars for one bottle of Château Lafite-Rothschild 1869. Three of these bottles were sold at a 2010 Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, making them the most expensive standard-sized bottles of wine ever auctioned. 


The total acreage of vineyards worldwide in 2014. The number will likely increase as wine continues to grow in popularity.


The approximate number of bubbles found in a standard-sized bottle of Champagne. You could try to count them the next time you pop a bottle open, but sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the wine.


The number of gallons of wine consumed in the United States in 2015 - thanks for your help!

Now that you’re an expert, use these fun facts to share your appreciation and enthusiasm for wine with everyone. It always helps to have a bottle on hand, too!

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